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The Doctor stepped up to the consoles, gently pushing aside the office manning the controls.
"Excuse me a moment," he said kindly, as he began working. He pulled up a schematic of the Almanac and examined it closely. "Type three Jedi starfighter... minimal armaments... no independant hyperdrive unit... Tell me, did you find the hyperdrive assemblage nearby?"
The officer shook his head. "No. There was no sign of it."
"Hmm..." he muttered thoughtfully. "Something's not right..."
He tinkered with the sensors for a moment. The view screen flickered on, and a three dimensional diagram of the area of space they were in appeared. The Almanac was represented by a small green trianlg. The Dreadless a blue one. A yellow line formed behind the blue triangle. A second line formed behind the Almanac, and nother one, unmarked, led to a point a few meters starboard of the Almanac. "These are the engine signatures of three ships - the Dreadless, the Almanac, and the ship belonging to the salvagers."
He tapped another few buttons. The officer looked over his shoulder. "Uhm..." he said suddenly, moving to stop the Doctor. "That algorythm is extremely unstable. You could disrupt the ship's-"
"Trust me, I know what I'm doing," said the Doctor, continuing his work. He completed the calculations, and a red line appeared on the screen, originating off of the screen, intersecting the Almanac, and moving off in another direction.
"This is the engine signature of another vessel. They were attempting to mask their ion trail, but a simple refractive algorythm exposed it."

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