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{FIC}The Missions of the Old Knights Part One.

OK I guess I’d give this a shot. This is part one of three stories about the characters Javar Foxin and Master Elkhart Carrassi. This story is set during a little after KOTOR 1. Remember that this is my first attempt and I put alota work into these so I’m open to any criticisms you might have. So please speak your minds. This is a fan fic, of course. Remember I will continue this story so it isnt over yet. This has also been greatly sized down it was originaly three page.


The smuggler JAVAR FOXIN is flying into the Mon Calamari system, he isn’t sure what his cargo is but he does know that it is some sort of old Jedi artifact. This must be important if the Jedi themselves contacted some spice smuggler to get past the Sith blockade. His ship “Clever Wookie” was circling the planets outer defenses, he hoped that the Jedi had given him the right codes… or this would be a very short trip. “Cruiser, what is your cargo and destination?” a snooty voice rang from the comm, “One passenger and fuel, destination: planet surface.” Javar said to the Sith recipient, “Of course, Cruiser you are free to enter the atmosphere.” the voice said to him in a dreading manner, “Thanks,” Javar said sarcastically as he flew down to the Czerka check station, this Jedi Master he was looking for was supposed to meet him at this small outpost. He saw many robbed men but all of them were either Sith or Dark Jedi. He didn’t even know this mans name, this was a very dumb assignment. Then a man walked up to him and muttered, “Seems like a fine day for a walk.” he said, Javar rolled his eyes and replied, “It would be if I wasn’t so tired of Bantha herding…” the master looked at him amused and then said to him, “I trust the codes were accurate… do you have the item?”
Javar replied, “I have them here, Master….” he said waiting for a name, “Elkhart, Master Elkhart Carrasi… you didn’t see these, I trust.” now of course Javar had looked at them thoroughly to see what he was transporting is case of capture, this small data pad was of some importance apparently… either way his answer was, “No, of course not.”

In which case Master Elkhart didn’t believe him because he was a dirty smuggler and because he could feel his lies radiating off of him. He looked at the data pad and turned it on in the private landing space provided for the “Clever Wookie”… and saw a holo-projection of Master Grivek, a whill Jedi master, “Master Elkhart, these locations should provide you with a accurate location of a new protector. These should also include the location of the Chronicles of the Knights.” Master Elkhart looked down slowly and then asked Javar, “What else was among your cargo for me?”
Javar searched through the cargo box and picked out a small light saber and handed it to the Master… Elkhart sat down on a small bench near by and hung his head, “Why? Why give me your saber Grivek?” just then many Sith troopers blasted through the door and started to fire at Elkhart and Javar, Javar drew his hold out modified blaster and Elkhart drew his turquoise light saber and began to deflect bolts from the ship. “Lets get out of here! Take my ship!” Javar yelled to Elkhart running to the loading ramp of his ship. Elkhart ran up the ramp and Javar followed, closing the doors and sprinting to the cockpit, “Wow! They don’t like you much do they?” he said to Elkhart flying out of the private hangar and into the outer space of the atmosphere, meeting a rough deflection field that wasn’t deactivated… also meeting a series of Leviathan star ships, but the magnetic fields around the ship didn’t allow tractor beams to grasp the ship.

“I’m gonna’ try to jump to light speed if I cant dodge these fighters.” many fighters had been drawn to the ship and were mercilessly bombarding the small Correlian Cruiser, they found the proper coordinates luckily and then made the jump to light speed. They were now in unknown space as Javar didn’t have time to enter any proper coordinates. They were flying into a small asteroid belt and trying to find a pirate base of some sort. They’d found a transmission a faint one. They flew into the Mobus system a rater large asteroid with an attached research station. Javar took his cruiser and landed in a small hanger, this place was an old abandoned Sith station… now inhabited by Hutts, pirates, and scum of the like. Elkhart didn’t appreciate this very much because he had to get to Couracant as soon as possible.

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