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Originally Posted by Lord Darth Bane
I would like to request a sig pic.
Okay, I've made two versions, but both are insanely huge. The first one, 439 x 148, comes in at 628 KB!!

The second resized one is 300 x 101, at 317 Kb.

Reducing the size further would make the thing look a little too small, I'll have to edit the layer styles and all that. I won't do that right now, some other time when I have a fresh mind...

Here's the biggy:

And here's the small one:

Sorry Sabretooth, but both of those pics are far too large to be used here, 500X120 and 80Kb for all your sig pics and banners combined... if it is a sig pic for somewhere else then please ignore my ravings! -RH

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