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First Roy Jones Pic
Second Roy Jones Pic
Can someone aid me with this sig pic request? because I have a picture of roy jones' and I guess someon could cut some of him off to make a good banner and merged together. Like if someone could make it to where its a banner where the top Roy Jones Picture is cut off directly beneath his right hand to make it more of a banner size. Then basically just put the same text tile and possibly the line in the second picture that is going through the Animated Roy Jones Jr. Just the same font, but I guess somewhat smaller so it's an actual banner. Then there's a fade and the first part The Sun Dont Shine Forever then another fade to the 2nd part As Long As Its Here then we might as well shine together. Then repeat. so basically Roy Jones, first part, 2nd part, and vice versa. Could you do the text like how the 2nd picture is like? sorry if it's too demanding, but i highly appreciate it.
Changed pic to link. Please find a sig pic that is in line with our sig rules, 500X120 and 80kb max, Forum Rules. ~ SWK Staff
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