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Just a quick post to let people know about some recent developments:

In 2005, a "new" release of the Star Wars Trilogy was issued with new box artwork, however it was IDENTICAL to the 2004 set, except it was missing the fourth "Bonus Materials" disc, and thus priced slightly lower than the 2004 set was originally.

So currently there is only ONE version of the classic trilogy officially available on DVD, the 2004 editions.

At the end of this year, a new set will be released for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, according to Lucas, which will consist of three "packs" each "pack" contains two discs:

Disc 1: 2004 Edition of the film. Disc 2: "Theatrical edition" of the film, as a bonus.

So you'll have one pack for ANH, one pack for ESB and one pack for ROTJ. Each "pack" is suggested at a retail price of $30 (meaning it would cost $90 for the whole set, as opposed to the $60 that was charged for the four disc set two years ago, but many speculate that places like Wal-Mart will knock the price down anyway in the first week so it won't be that expensive, especially to clear the product since it's a limited release).

Now there has been much speculation, but it is now widely believed that the "Theatrical editions" on these discs will be how the movies looked in 1993, with no extra enhancements, remastering or restoration. This has upset many fans who were hoping for something of better quality than what we've already seen on Laserdisc and VHS for the 14 years before the Special Editions, but that's all we know so far. Also, they will NON-anamorphic widescreen. This too has upset many fans who are letting their feelings be known through various venues.

But in any case, it looks like there are no plans at present to alter the Classic Trilogy further, except to turn them into "3-D" movies in 2007 for a special theatrical anniversary release. Presumably the 2004 editions will be used for this (meaning it would be the first time the 2004 editions would be shown in theaters).

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