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Awesomely Random RPG!!!

Ok, here's an RPG, that doesn't have to have anything to do with Psychonauts. We can get as insane as we want!!!!

Here are the rules.
1. No weird anime names. Those are way likely to be mispelled by me.
2. No super duper weird things happning. If I'm creeped out by somthing. I'll say it and the clump stops there.
3. No controling other characters. You have your on character for a reason.
4. No tagging. Tagging is about as stupid as reading the video game manuel.
5. Have a great time!!!


Setting: A white room, a plain white room with nothing in it. No windows, just a floor, four walls, a ceiling, and a door.
My Character. :Her name is Kate. She is a teenager, age 15, her hair is blonde and long, and she has blue eyes. She's standing in the room wearing a white dress, white flip flops, and silver bangles on.

"Where am I?" she wondered, "Who am I? Why am I here?"

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