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Chapter 6: Firepower

This will be a short chapter (Just so you know what to expect)

"Master I think I know where the uprising will lead us too!" told Janice.
"Geonosis!" answered Anakin.
"You know?" asked Janice.
"Of course... the production plants are on Geonosis." explained Anakin.
"My master, shall I ready the fleet?" asked Janice.
"No Janice." told Anakin, "We shall something new!"
"Yes, My Lord" Janice said.

Anakin made his way up to the bridge. "Pilot!"
"Yes sir!"
"Set a course to Geonosis." ordered Anakin.
"Yes sir!" obeyed the pilot.
Anakin made a hand gesture and he started raising the pilot off the ground.
"How long have you been on the job?" asked Anakin.
"gha-three-years" answered the pilot gagging.
"Then you shouldn't be reminded to address me by My Lord or Lord Vader." told Anakin, "Are you clear on that?"
The pilot's feet started to twitch, "Perfectly clear *choke* My Lord!" answered the pilot, "Please, *gag* let me *choke* go!"
Anakin threw him up in the air, "fine."

Anakin walked to the transmission room and made a transmission to his new "Spacestation". "General Veers?"
"Yes Lord Vader?"
"Set a course to Geonosis!" ordered Anakin.
"Yes My Lord." said Veers.

The Executor and the new "Station" made their way to Geonosis. "Fire at will Veers." told Anakin. Everyone, sit back, watch the fireworks. Everyone stared at Geonosis and within seconds, it was gone and a shockwave flew right past the Executor and the the "Station" that did Anakin's dirty work.
"What will shall it be called My Lord" asked Janice.
"... Death... Star!" answered Anakin.

Meanwhile on Yavin IV, "Captain Antilles, what activity on Geonosis?"
"Milady... it's gone!"
"WHAT?!" Padme shouted.
"I don't know what the hell just happened... these are the proper co-ordinates... right?" asked Captain Antilles.
"Come home, Captain."
"What has happened?" asked Bastila.
"I think my husband knows how to break more than just lives now... *sniff*" answered Padmem, crying.
Bastila patted Padme on the shoulder and took her leave.

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