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Kelvin soon exited the time stream and landed in a strang city with a very big tower and people with curly moustaches.

"Aw crap. Wheree am I now? Let's see, Paris ,France, (insert year in which RPG takes place). Well, the times right, but you got me in the wrong damn place!" said Kelvin as he looked for a transport.

"Sorry. Time travel is new technology and we still have a few bugs." said Kelvin's helmet.

"Well, could you at least send me some transport. A banshee would be nice." said kelvin.

" Do you want people to find out you're a Spartan from the future?"

"Well, you could put a cloaking device on it" said Kelvin.

"Fine, here!"

"Cool. I never rid a banshee before."

"Wait what do you mean you've never rid a banshee before"

Before he could finish the sentence Kelvin was already flying off.

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