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"Kira, you can't do this!"
The saber in her hand ignited, its light giving the room a cold blue hue. The color splashed off the dark walls, and illuminated the figure before her. It was Mical.
"This isn't you Kira, listen to me!" he pleaded. She laughed.
Her voice was deeper, sarcastic, and chilling even to her. "Ah, but it is me."
The lightsaber in her hand whipped up of its own accord, and slashed Mical across the stomach. With a surprised 'argh!!', he fell to the ground. A quick, harsh kick to the temple quickly silenced him.
"Kira! What have you done??"
She whipped around to the door, and could feel her lips turn up in a wicked smile. It was the Doctor.
"Nothing that should worry you, old man. You are a Time Lord, are you not? Then you should have seen this coming."
Again, her hand moved of its own will, and her saber was sent sailing into the chest of the Doctor...

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