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Still LOVE this game but I'm taking a break after crushing the rebellion many times. I'll definitely be back after the expansion is out.

On my last game I was down to Hoth - with one other world remaining to be "re-educated". The rebels had what amounted to a doom fleet but little to no resources left. They started going frantic and trying to shoot their way out of the corner - while I had four powerful fleets surrounding them.

The really fun part were those crazy see-saw of space battles where they would attack with a significant force and then I'd let them go (culled down a bit) only to intercept them at another world and decimate them. After about ten running space battles I was able to finally mount a knockout blow to Hoth.

Man, it's good to be the Emperor's boss! "Palpatine, go get me another cup of coffee. There's a good Sith Lord."
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