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Two questions!


I'm trying to add a command which removes the victims lightsaber. My first question is how can I make it so that once the command has been called that player cannot use their Saber at all afterwards until it's been reversed. My current code:

if(victim->client->ps.weapon == WP_SABER)
		victim->client->ps.weapon = WP_NONE;		
This *SHOULD* set their weapon to NONE if they currently have their saber out. Great. But now they can easily switch back to their Saber again. Is there any way of removing it completely from the player "inventory"?

Lastly when compiling I get this error:

 error C2143: syntax error : missing ')' before 'type'
For this line:

victimnum  = ClientNumberFromString( gentity_t *victim, arg); //Victims Client Number, the name is from the given arguments
All it does is get the client number from the name provided as the command argument. But it gives me that error... I'm nto sure why. Any help?
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