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JK2 1.02 Source Code ???

There is still a lot of life left for people who play JK2 1.02. Sadly enough [EoS] has recently gone into retirement however there are still many who love 1.02 and refuse to update to 1.04.

This is why I am making this post. If someone out there has it or can point me in the right direction I would be forever in your debt. My goal is not to change much about the gameplay....I am just looking to fix a few bugs on server crashing and to possibly add a couple admin commands or emotes to help the JK2 community. Our clan, Leveling Mechanism, has a computer programmer in our midst and has created a small mod already for 1.04 just to test things out. I am positive with his help and a few others we could improve 1.02 and help other server renters breathe a little easier.

If there is any way possible.....the 1.02 community would be entirely in your debt.

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