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Originally Posted by ScorLibran
I still don't care for the missile cruisers though. Marauders and Broadsides are just too slow and fragile - more so than their advantage of range offsets.
I believe the missile cruisers on both sides are extremly powerful, if not the most powerful units - the presence of a single broadside cruiser literally obliterates any advantage of a space station (besides the first 2 or 3 respawning units), since the attacking player can just comfortably sit back while his cruisers take out the station, forcing the defending player to rush the cruisers if he doesn't wish to be obliterated.
While they are very fragile, they can cause massive damage if protected - you can obliterate the shields of a capital ship (even a Mon Cal with power to shields activated (!) ) within seconds - faster sometimes than the entire rest of your fleet could.
The only thing that effectively counters them is a corvette rush ,but at least as an imp it is not easy to get to the point of attacking the marauder cruisers before being blown up yourself by a neb b.

IMHO artillery units in EAW are far too powerful, exspecially against havier units (Capital ships, walkers and tanks). The role of artillery should be to take out buildings and maybe infantry, not to cause massive damage to about everything except 1-2 counter units.
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