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Originally Posted by Shem
Porting is illegal and talking like that around here can get you into trouble. I see that you're new, so I assume you didn't understand that yet. Just keep that in mind in the future.
Well, the way I understood it was that extracting objects from one game and distributing it to be imported into another game was illegal. However, I thought that asking for an explanation on how I could personally extract the Darth Nihilus model from my own copy of KOTOR 2: TSL and importing it into my own copy of KOTOR for my own personal use would be perfectly acceptable.

But if any kind of porting is illegal, then would it be possible for AVol's Darth Vader model to be edited so that it uses another model presently available in KOTOR? Perhaps Malak's model in KOTOR could be substituted for Nihilus's in KOTOR 2?

I just really, really want to use this Darth Vader mod in both KOTOR games.
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