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I heard an interesting perspective from a local candidate running in my area that I thought I'd bring up here:

Here in California, parental notification has been a long-debated issue. There has been a bill going through the State Assembly, which conservatives have been fighting to get through for some time. Basically what the law says is that if a minor is pregnant, her parents must be notified before she can receive an abortion. There is an exception in the law if the child fears abuse from her parents. I'm not sure of the details of the legal process in that case, except to say that she can be exempted in that case.

The argument that the candidate brought up is this: one of the main arguments against the bill from the majority Democrats is that minors who are old enough to have sex should be old enough to make that kind of decision on their own. But how can that be, when the school has to get parental permission to give that same kid asprin for a headache?

This is one thing that makes no sense to me: no one is mature enough to own a gun, or make decisions about whether or not to smoke, and many communities (including my own) have even decided that kids aren't mature enough to be entrusted with the decision of whether or not it's healthy to drink soda (there is now a law banning soda machines on school campuses)...but somehow they're old enough and mature enough to decide to have an abortion? How does this make any sense at all?

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