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My favorite RPG ever was and still is KOTOR. However, I've recently grown more fond of TSL. While there are still issues with it's apparant incompleteness I am now beginning to think that it is the better of the two games and perhaps I may end up playing it even more than the first KOTOR.

"Blasphemy!" you say. No, not blasphemy, just a recognition of the fact that Obsidian has talent and knew what they were doing when trying to create a sequel to a multiple GOTY RPG ever. A daunting task indeed.

Obsidian instituted the often times frustrating Influence factor and the equally confusing random item drop feature. Along with these two new components to the KOTOR world we also encountered a complex upgrade creation process.

The Sith Lords gaming experience relied more on your choices and type of character than its predecessor. Once you've reached a certain point in your Force alignment you are visited by Visas. Chances are that if you are neutral for most of the game you will not get her until very late. I've not played it grey so I could not factually confirm that. Also your party changes according to your gender and alignment. Even your choice of Revan's gender and alignment alters the game.

Yes there are a few things I would like to have implemented. For instance if I find Bindo's Band in the beginning of the game I really don't think there should be another one found later. I had at one point four Onasi Blasters. Sreiously. Did Carth mass produce his weapon? The random drop feature needs tweaking.

Also some of the sidequests got completed even before they were added to my Journal. It was a little frustrating to have a Journal Update and find that the update was added to the completed sidequests section. Most memorable is the Fuel Sabotage Sidequest while aboard the Citadel Station during the Sith invasion.

It would have been nice to have the missing content put in. The droid planet would have been fun but it really isn't needed to further the plot. Leaving it out is understandable. The last game took me over 36 hours recorded but there were plenty of times I reloaded. Having a whole other planet and potential sidequest would be simply enormous. There's nothing wrong with a bigger game, I just think having it in would complicate the entire story. The game isn't about the HK units hunting you down or G0T0 commisioning them. It's about the lies and deception surrounding your Exile.

Overall I really like this game. I just hope KOTOR 3 is planned for developement and a serious effort at it will be afforded.
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