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You are so naive (i dont even know what it means but context sounds right. one EC grenade takes out every electronic thing in the area. small stuff like a gun or grenade wont work at all afterwards. the armor probably has a way for the spartan to reboot it but it will take a moment and the weapons are NOT better. the guns are projectile weapons and not laser. you all think that the projectiles are more accurate and stronger than lasers. Actually lasers aremore accurate because they fire straight, while a projectile weapon fires straight and after it leaves the barrel, the bullet will rise and eventually sink. But in some ways you are right about the stonger part since a projectile will go through the target and do ripping damage to interanl organs because it doesnt fly straight and changes course (slightly but not noticebly) once it hits the body, while a laser shoots straight through. and the the commandos can also be equipped with stealth field generators.

PS: your p.s. is b.s.(b***s***)
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