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I don't mean to double post but this is important, you see I think it's kinda obvious that some npcs have a little bit of special AI assigned to their npc files like saboteurs who use cloaking and cultists who use force (and force only) which is hard coded. But while I was searching through this forums I found a topic discussing how to give npcs the stealth/cloaking effects and at first the person couldnt get it to work but he put his new npc in the same .npc file that the npcs who use stealth are in and he got his npc to use stealth. So I think that AI (the special AI thats hardcoded to some npcs) is assignd to certain npc files rather than entries in an .npc file. So I think I'll finally be able to get my cultist to act like a force user.

EDIT:Heres where the thread is
And also it has something to do with the name of each entry in an .npc file.
My cultist still aint workin

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