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Have you re-installed all of the winXP updates? Some of the early releases of XP did not ship with .NET 1.1 but later releases did. Of course that error is a new one for me. Usually you get an entirely different error message if it is missing .Net 1.1. Also you may want to download .NET 2.0 as I believe Fred mentioned previously that parts of the Module Editor use this. Here is a link to Freds mention of this above. ->

After taking a 2nd look at your error posted above it looks alot more like a memory error. You will get this sometimes if your RAM cache is full. This can also be an indicator of a RAM chip about to fail or at least part of it. Also bad sectors on your hard drive can produce these errors in particular those that windows uses for virtual memory.

These are just some possible reasons for the failure and by no means an absolute.

* Hey at least I didn't say to consult your computers users manual.

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