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About Wookiees, Ewoks and (?) Polusians

I just wanted to hear your opinions about these indigenous units - I have not played in MP much, but I find them to be a bit too powerful for free units;
I managed to take a relatively well protected Endor with a raid fleet of 3 infantry units without losses, using the following tactic: Send the Ewoks in, send the Ewoks in, send the Ewoks in - seriously, I find that you can produce an almost constant flow of these small guys, since the planet is relatively small and there are about 15 buildings constantly producing them.
The same goes with Kashyyk - you can defeat anything but a massive invasion Force (or one that is backed up by the Emperor/Vader) just by constantly sending wookiews to the only spawn point. Since for some reason wookies seem to be immune against overrunning, even Tie Maulers aren't an effective counter.
I believe Polusians have already been adressed in another thread - the freezing effect is propably a better weapon than any other rebel unit has.

While I find adding native units and making them more than insignificant cannon fodder is a good idea, since one of the strengths of the rebellion should be support by natives, I believe at least the ones I named are too powerful ATM; I suggest either lowering their damage or (better) double or triple their respawn times and lessen the HP of the spawning buildings - isn't it strange when an Ewok tree house can take more damage than a rebel barracks?

What are your thoughts?
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