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Originally Posted by Micahc
Of course they will. Guns are based on mechanics not electronics. Ever shot a pellet gun? Or a .22? Pellet guns you either pump or cock, which causes a hammer to fall on the pellet shooting it forward. .22's work the same way but instead of pumping (for air) you just pump (or cock) so a hammer will fall on the shell, ignite the powder, and send it forward. Last I checked the UNSC weapons in HALO still follow these mechanics, they have knock back and still produce a flash. Can I call you naive now? Oh, and according to Wiktionary naive means:

Actually since, this topic seems to be wandering mainly around sniping, the DC-17m's sniping rounds are metal. The only difference is that they are surrounded by the laser, and do you know what that means? Absolutly nothing. The only reason it's there is to give it a streak and make it more Star Wars-y.
I heard īthat some of the newer guns in real life are afeccted by EMPs. it was some time ago so part of what i heard may be altered. and i thought that there are electric components in the halo assault rifle, but the though the pistol should work fine in that case. and about the sniper rifle i thought about that but i wasnt quite sure, thank you for clearing that little mystery up.
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