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It seems to go by random when I give npcs melee because certain npcs want to be smart and chase me and try to knock me out while certain ones like to try and punch but stand still as if something is keeping them from moving. Also I've learned that making SP code changes are possible but barely because there's one SP/MP (it has an SP side and MP side) mod that is called the Chaos Force MOD 2 that has certain features that go way beyond the limitations of what can be edited in single player such as completely new animations and saber melee styles that are added rather than replacing old anims. and when I downloaded it I didnt open up its .pk3 inside the .zip but was stunned to see it came with new modified game .dlls which included the jampgamex86.dll which is obviously for MP which is no surprise but also came with a modified cgamex dll and uix(cant remember the whole name) dll. So SP code changes are likely possible but require great code language skills and understanding of .dlls. One time I tried to decompile the jagamex86.dll which I think is the main dll for the SP side of the game and according to the program I was using it said the dll was in C++. And also I think its possible to edit and add new npc AIs and values without too much trouble according to here Also could someone please tell me how to code some new npc AI for SP if it's possible? And would it be possible for me to get the game to assign certain special NPC behavior (the supposedly hardcoded AI used for melee fighters) to certain NPCs?
Thx for all your help everyone whos been answering my hard to answer questions over the weeks!
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