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Have we all forgotten about Blasters? These theorectical exploding Capital Ship Infiltrating Buzz droids are totally redundant, we see in ROTS that a second of superlaser from the belly of a Venator can break a CIS Frigate in half. Manufacturing these new droids would just be too much effort for such a little result.

Now, as Poiuy said, about the drilling into a Cap. ship, to do so the sheilds would of course have to be down meaning that this ship would be in the thick of battle to have sustained that extent of damage. You couldn't just select a ship far away and fire one of those pods with the buzz droids in, with the sheilds they are useless.
If the sheilds are down then why wait for a droid to drill into the ship, (the turrets couldn't hit it but fighters could target it.) get a tri-fighter to blow a hole in the hull?

Even the Buzz droids that were in ROTS were overkill, it was just an unnecessarily complicated way of doing a job that a well placed blaster hit could do.

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