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No offense, but you absolutely positively CANNOT make SP code changes without reverse-engineering (hacking) the dll's. Chaos Force Mod (upon further inspection), does indeed contain .dll files, but they are original and UNMODIFIED jka dll's (compare the filesizes to the ones in the JKA Base folder, exactly the same... modified dll's would HAVE to be different sizes, impossible to remain identical with any kinda code change to this kinda calibur)

In JKA, upon loading any new mod, it copies the dll files it loads into the mod folder. The author must have packaged the original DLL's in mistake. Upon further inspection of the pk3, there are several modified .npc and .sab files, as well as other modified game CONFIG files, and effects (created with effectsed). In order to author your own custom AI, you MUST have access to game code, otherwise it must be scripted through icarus (the only thing I can think of atm)

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