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Originally Posted by MachineCult
Manuvering in an atmosphere is Repulsor based, a Repulsor only works when it has a gravitational force to repel, so in space thrusters would be used.
While I have no doubt that Repulsors work like that for atmospheric manuvering, I do have an issue with there being 'thrusters' in Star Wars on the ships as we never see any used, except possibly an odd one.

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Gravetic Drives like they would have in Star Wars would not require a gravity field of a planet to operate, if you can simulate gravity on board a ship you can indeed have a gravetic drive system.

Star Destroyers would need one especially since they have no visable maneuvering thrusters, nor did the Falcon, any of the fighters, nor did the Death Star, heck the Death Star didn't even have any main thrusters, they have to have gravetic drives that has to be able to function away from stellar bodies.

Also we see no firing thrusters in any Star Wars scene, except ones when a ship is landing, but that could also be heat exchangers disspersing the extra heat generated by the 'Repulsors' in an atmosphere.

It is also my understanding that in Star Wars the term 'Repulsor' applies to all gravetic based propulsion systems.

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Originally Posted by MachineCult
Even the Buzz droids that were in ROTS were overkill, it was just an unnecessarily complicated way of doing a job that a well placed blaster hit could do.
I completely agree!

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