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Ok, this introduction to the story... Han, Leia and Luke suspect each other of betrayal? Han's "He's in on it. Did you see the bulkhead behind him and his trying to cover up a pilot uniform?" the stupidity of those lines are really grating on me! Am I supposed to believe that the 3 biggest heroes of the Alliance with all drek that they've gone through over the years including in the EU (as this is a EU book) would just start acting aggressive against each other without even talking?

Am I supposed to believe that Han Solo believes Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, long time friend, brother in arms and mentor to his children actually plans to attack and invade Corellia, just because "they want to be independent". And Leia sister to Jedi Master Luke, a Jedi in her own right and a master diplomat... agrees with Han's asessment? Oh please... is this Star Wars Young, or what?! What... is... this?!

I understand the need to get to the point quickly (a civil war bewtween the heroes and it sounds like an interesting storyline) but give it a little more credibility. As it stands now it is Han and luke playing catch and suddenly one of them yells "you cheat" and pulls a blaster and starts shooting the other, dead serious, aiming at his head.

It's a cop out not giving them motives and NO, Luke being worried about the GA and Han about Corellia is not enough reason to pit the 2 greatest heroes of the galaxy against each other.

To me it says "Let's get to the point quick, the audience is too stupid to care of how we got there". This is exactly why I never could get more than, mildly interested, in the EU, because it assumed its audience were morons... and apparently it still does.

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