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Originally Posted by Ryst-the-White
2) Take your time with each chapter. Give each section of dialogue plenty of thought. And make your chapters longer. You don't have to update every day. My favorite Psychonauts fanfiction writer out there, Alistair2410, updates only once every week. So don't rush through your chapters.
For me, the prologue to my story has taken me 11 months to plan. And I still haven't written that memorable first passage.
And there were times I wrote out a few scenes and ended up hating how it went so I have to rewrite it. And that other time when the girl's hangout was originally a webtoon-themed cafe owned by my friend and her boyfriend at the time, but then they broke up so it became a bubble tea place that a small group of my friends own.
Storywriting can be a pain in the ass sometimes, if you're me. But you're not me, so it probably isn't.

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