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Originally Posted by Mashi An'krekku
For me, the prologue to my story has taken me 11 months to plan. And I still haven't written that memorable first passage.
And there were times I wrote out a few scenes and ended up hating how it went so I have to rewrite it. And that other time when the girl's hangout was originally a webtoon-themed cafe owned by my friend and her boyfriend at the time, but then they broke up so it became a bubble tea place that a small group of my friends own.
Storywriting can be a pain in the ass sometimes, if you're me. But you're not me, so it probably isn't.
Mashi, you can stop writing fanfiction for all I care. That 'Lili the pirate" story is enough for me. "Delishious purple grapiness." is all Darth needs.
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