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Originally Posted by RedHawke
My first version of the Exile's Item Pack used normal padawan robe textures, so if you installed Svosh's fixed collar padawan robe model and ilikecommas Texture Pack for Svosh's Fix, my base Exile Robes should change with every other padawan robe in the game. Just don't install my Robe Booster Skin Pack.

If you used the games default textures, then something must be screwy with my mod install because when I got the robes on the harbinger, the white robe used some other texture that had flaps on the front. And installing ILikeCommas robe texture pack changes it to another texture that I don't like. I really liked the "flapped" texture. (I know I'm probably the only one in the universe who feels that way, but oh well.) I was saddened to see the flapped texture taken away with the booster pack. What want to know is if there is any way to get that texture to work with the collar fix?

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