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But I thought you said when you give an npc melee it completely ignores the class you gave it. I know it has some effect on how they act but it gets kinda weird ingame though because like I said since the npc doesnt really have any special AI code to refer to its seems kinda randomized how they act. I'm not asking you specifically razorace but rather asking anybody if they have a clue on how to get player-made npcs to refer to certain AI thats probably hardcoded. Thx though for all your help razorace. And for example what I'm looking for is that when I make a cultist that he'll actually use the force powers I gave him rather than acting like a stupid gran. I made an exact copy of the cultist_lightning in the exact same .npc file and all I did was make him good and give him a few more powers and when I spawned him he did not even use any of his force powers. If you read my 2-3 post I somehow got one of my cultists to actually use force powers and heck he was using lightning more then darth sidious and then when I got up close he would maybe do a quick punch or two then he go all out with force again but there was still one problem, he couldn't seem to move from the spot where I spawned him. I want to make npcs that do act like grans that chase after me with their fists up and then when far away bring out their long range weapon. Like I'd want to make a wookie that acts just like that except with a bowcaster instead of detonators. I'd like to make my cultists be able to do fast punches and directional kicking but thats like impossible. Also I know its possible to get npcs to do things using icarus as said above. Would it be possible to make them act certain ways and in theory give them new AI using behaved. Because Ive opened it up before and it seems possible. But as far as I know behaved only opens .icarus files. I know its been done but how do you open, edit and create npcs using BehavEd

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