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The Left Behind...

Grim Fandango ends with the completion of the story of Manny Calavera and Meche Colomar; a story of love beyond life. As Grim Fandango began we were thrown into an enviroment of which we knew nothing about but our character did. The beginning of Manny's story is never revealed except partly in conversations with characters such as Eva and Domino.
The end is also similar; we see the end for Manny and Meche, Salvador, Olivia and Hector but what about our other characters? What happened to Eva and Glottis; Chowchilla Charlie and Maximino- the untold stories. So this thread is for expressing what you think happened to some of your favourite characters that stories were never finished.

All stories welcome.

"Oh Manny, so cynical, what happened to you Manny, that caused you to lose your sense of hope, your love of life?"
"I died"

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