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Originally Posted by GamerX51
If you used the games default textures, then something must be screwy with my mod install because when I got the robes on the harbinger, the white robe used some other texture that had flaps on the front.
The Handmaidens 'stock' robe (Which I used that skin and model for the original Exile's White Robe) is a Master Model robe, not a Padawan one... I did state that I changed this in the description for the Booster Pack...

Originally Posted by From PCGameMods Booster PackDescription
First, The White Robes have been totally redone using the favored Padawan Model, also if you have ilikecommas 'Standard Robe Pack for use with Svösh's Robe Collar Fix' Installed, available at, I also supplied textures that are compatable with that mods fixed collar format. (They look far better IMHO)

Originally Posted by GamerX51
And installing ILikeCommas robe texture pack changes it to another texture that I don't like. I really liked the "flapped" texture. (I know I'm probably the only one in the universe who feels that way, but oh well.) I was saddened to see the flapped texture taken away with the booster pack. What want to know is if there is any way to get that texture to work with the collar fix?
That isn't really a 'texture' it is called a model, it is a different body model entirely. It is called the Master Robe Model, and since I hate it you won't see my mods using one.

I changed the "flapped" bathrobe looking model for the white robe to one I liked, the thinner Padawan model, as that is also the one that Svosh originally fixed, hence the booster pack, which was primarily to fix the White Robe and release compatable textures for the fix as you have probably guessed.

Svosh also fixed the Master Robe model and made skins for it, look at his site.

You can, for personal use, fix all 3 of the Exile Robes to use the Master Robe model and textures if you want on your end, but you will have to do this yourself with KotOR Tool. Simply open the appropriate uti file (the same name as the cheat code) change the baseitem to the Master Robe setting and the texture variation to whatever 'stock' game robe texture that suits your fancy.

Either way you don't need the Booster if you don't like the Padawan robes. Just install Svosh's fixed Master Robe Models and his Texture pack for them and change the Exile's Jedi and Sith robe uti files from the base Exile's Item Pack like I said above and you will have all 3 robes with "flaps".

We have tutorials on editing items with KotOR Tool, and it isn't that hard.

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