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Omega Squad ran at top speed down from the cliff into the canyon where Hunter was, to provide him cover.
"Omega Squad, search and destroy!" ordered Flash.
Just then, a Trandoshan with an evil grin dropped down in front of him. Flash lashed out and the melee blade attached to his wrist shot out, impaling the Trando.
"Damn lizards." he mumbled.
Several more dropped down, but Omega Squad was ready for them. For a few minutes, the aliens stopped jumping down on them and shot from the top of the cliff, Omega Squad didn't waste that time.
"Twister, Proxy mines," he ordered.
Just then, Flash saw Niner fall down from his broken cable and the droid was suddenly shooting at the Trandoshans too.
"Twister, reposition," he ordered and the Commando set the proximity mine he was fiddling with in a new location, meaning that the droid could not come more than 10 meters in front of them. And the way it was shooting, 10 meters gave them considerable amount of safety.
"Tech, get Niner back here. Scout, you provide both of them cover, Move!" he ordered.
The two clones ran. Then Flash, already changing the mode of his rifle to "Anti Armor", saw one of the turrets, the one that Niner had damaged, was swiveling to blast them.
"Oh no you don't," said Flash and he shot an Anti Armor Rocket into the turret, this time, it blew up with an almighty explosion.
By the time the droid had re-oriented itself, Omega Squad, providing support to Niner, was already on the cliff.
"Well, that was fun," commented Tech. "Good thing that piece of junk is shooting at its own companions."

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