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Here are mine:

Sasha: A wooden board with sunglasses.
Milla: Marge Simpson with a flashy dress and huge hips.
Oleander: A drill sergeant cuddling bunnies.
Ford: Arnold's Grandpa (from Hey Arnold!) in a Psychonauts uniform.
Dr. Loboto: Orin Scrivello, D.D.S. (from Little Shop of Horrors) with blue skin and odd eyes.
Sheegor: A hunchbacked Bubbles.
Lili: Helga Pataki with auburn hair and almond eyes.
Dogen: A cuddly kitten with a gun strapped to its back.
Bobby: A blackjack with poofy red hair.
Nils: A hormone with a blond bowl cut.
Vernon: An adenoid with a mouth.
Kitty: An amalgamation of various cartoon characters: Veronica Lodge, Courtney Gripling, Rhonda Wellington Lloyd, Trixie Tang, the Ashleys, and Princess Morbucks.
Franke: A cat nuzzling Kitty.
Benny: A pair of lips stuck to Bobby's butt...with ears.
Maloof: A baby with a little black book.
Mikhail: A younger version of Zangief.
Elka: Herself, worshipping at a shrine to Nils.
J.T.: Carl Foutley (from As Told By Ginger) dressed as a cowboy.
Chops: A guitar with the Canadian flag draped over it.
Chloe: A female Irken.
Quentin: A scarf giving the peace sign.
Phoebe: Libby from Jimmy Neutron, with headphones.
Elton: A fish with a sailor's hat.
Milka: A violet with her face.
Crystal: A smiley face holding a gun to its head.
Clem: A smiley face making a noose.

Okay, I think that's everybody. Fun topic.

"Looks like they'll be 'dragon' your ass outta here!"
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