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Spartans suck, Commandos kick ass.
"Master Chief" is the dumbest name ever, he looks really stupid, he hardly talks and when he does he's spouting bulls**t.
He is the last of the Spartans, all of whom were killed in very similar circumstances to the battles in Halo, except in Halo he is on his own, so it's completely ridiculous to think that he would survive.

Republic Commandos firstly have cool names, great equipment, actual army designations and they talk to each other like they are in the military unlike Master Chief.
There are four of them, clearly with training, which makes it alot easier to believe their surviving the missions, and they answer to actual military authority unlike Master Chief who answers to some holographic woman like Andromeda which also sucks.

So Commandos and Spartans can't really be compared, they're too different, Spartans are stupidly unrealistic in their design and the way they are implemented, Commandos are realistic in the way they fight and the way they interact with eachother and enemy and friendly PCs.
Commandos rule, Spartans suck.

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