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Originally Posted by MachineCult
Just a quick question, I've decided that I want to read the Tales of the Jedi series but it's really hard to find any information about what order the graphic novels are in. So can anyone tell me what order all I should read all the books?
Chronologically it starts with 'The Golden Age of the Sith' followed by 'The Fall of the Sith Empire' both in around 5000 BBY. Next is 'Knights of the Old Republic' followed by 'The Freedon Nadd uprising', 'Dark Lords of the Sith', 'The Sith War' and finally 'Redemption' with the last 5 taking place around 4000 BBY. I recommend you read them in that order.

Originally Posted by MachineCult
(and are they any good?)
They're ok. Art and design are a definitive improvement compaired to earlier Marvel comix, but are no way up to the recent material (Clone Wars etc.). Storyline is also a little backdated, since they were published before the prequels. They have some memorable characters, and if you played KotOr or TSL you might recognise some where the game made reference to.

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