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Ok I fully tested the crashing command.

Join a server.

First I made a script that says
set forcepowers 1
Saved it in a config file
Typed this in console
/exec crash
Quickly join spectator. Boom crashes.

I tried this on several mods, some public servers, some on my local computer.

OJP (all versions) <--- public and local
Clan Mod (all versions) <---- public and local
Xmod (all versions) <--- public test, not local
JAE (all versions) <--- public test, not local
MakerMod <--- public test, not local

JA+ <--- immune, wont work
LugorMod <--- immune, wont work

It doesn't crash me out, just gives the server an error and poof, stops working. If anyone knows how to fix it, that would be the best. Till then, its going to be a huge exploit probobly. No other mods can run except those two on jk3 safely.

NOTE: I did some build testing and found a temporary solution. If I build in DEBUG it'll be fine. If I build in Final or Release, this exploit will work.

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