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crashing you (the client who executes it) so no worries.
Wow, I wish it was. I tested it on xmod public servers. All versions, crashed every single one. Yeah, I know, thats an attack on peoples servers, but I think it was for the best. I used All Seeing Eye to see what mods were up and tested it on those mods. Public means I went to someone elses servers and tested it and ended up crashing them.

The only way to crash is to go inside their server, went into my buddy Necrom's server, told him, "wanna see me crash this server?" response - "Yes. Go ahead, crash it." Boom crashed, 3 seconds later he contacts me on MSN saying HOW DID YOU DO THAT!

I'm serious man, its a server thing. It gives JAMPDED an error and closes the server automatically. If you build in debug for some reason this exploit wont work. JA+ and Lugormod wont work on. I asked the author of Lugormod what he builds in, and sure enough he answered DEBUG. That's the only way to fix it that I know of.

RazorAce thinks I should check out the #ifdef DEBUG code tags.
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