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I'd just like to get off the topic of emo, so:


there thats better.

Originally Posted by ffeP
This is from 1999 :
Chinese* (937,132,000)
Spanish (332,000,000)
English (322,000,000)
Bengali (189,000,000)
Hindi/Urdu (182,000,000)
Arabic* (174,950,000)
Portuguese (170,000,000)
Russian (170,000,000)
Japanese (125,000,000)
German (98,000,000)
French* (79,572,000)

English is crawling uppon the list ^^
Whoa... no way did Spanish have 10 million more speakers than English 7 years ago... the stats I was using are recent, I think 2005 so erm... yeah... cool... or something.
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