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Ok here's a full list now

Milla: A mommy with a bunch of kids(reeks oddly of brady bunch :O)
Sasha: Himself with widdler hearts doodled around him
Oleander: A very very short little brat
Lili: A big mouth...geez she talks way too much
Vernon: A book
Dogen: A super hero with a squirrel tail :P
Bobby: Himself strutting around with an even bigger 'fro!
Mikhail: A hairless Bair with his floofy hat
Maloof: A mob boss
Franke n Kitty: the girls on TEAM GURL SQUAD ( for your information =D)
Sheegor: A bug eyed turtle @.@
Nils: A pimp XD lmao
Benny: A shadow
Elka: Herself as Helga from HA!
JT and Chops: Geez the guys in Brokeback Mountain
Chloe: The aliens off of simpsons
Crystal n Clem: Many many many smilyfaces of the internet with l33t speak
Quentin: a rock star
Phoebe: herself burning a flower D:
Ford: All the different forms of himself in a group photo!
MIlka: A question mark D: where'd she go?
Elton: Aquaman
Boyd: A giant milk bottle
Gloria: A sun/moon with a happy/angry face
Fred: A bum with very very long legs..
Edgar: El Odio with a paintbrush in his mouth :3
Crispin: A caveman!
G-men: However they see raz in his different disguises
Loboto: Himself with a lobotomy scar ^_^
EDIT: whoops I named Milka Elka(put Elka twice)

Think that's all... XD

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