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Originally Posted by MachineCult
I decided the other day while playing SWBF2 on the PS2 that I wanted to try out SWBF on the PC online, haven't decided which one to get though, SWBF1 is alot cheaper.

Oh.... Ummmm...


It's excellent to me, anyways. I hope you'll at least check out the website of SWBF1's New Renaissance before you decide.

You already KNOW there are currently many more people playing SWBF2, but if you ask around or read the forums, you'll find that-- despite some really great changes that are exclusive to SWBF2-- the general concensus seems to be that the original, award-winning SWBF has less bugs, smoother gameplay, and a more authentic "Star Wars" feel.

Originally Posted by MachineCult
lol, the response you got was far from "excellent".
Yes, Thank you, MachineCult. It would seem that the responses are less than seismic, but no less excellent per response. I honour everyone's opinions-- as there ARE those who prefer SWBF2-- but for the most part, all of the forums I've posted on get favorable responses from the readers. Again, there isn't a tidal wave of those responses, but almost all of them DO support or agree with me.

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