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Wow, thanks everyone! Feed back like that always gives me more encouragement to press on with it!

I'm always pushing myself when I work on each page, so I enjoy seeing and hearing that the artwork improves. Peb's wings and jaw shape did change, so yeah there was a change in character design. I didn't really want to do it because I like to have consistency, but at the same time I can't help but learn new things and create a better look for him. You may find that Peb makes reference to his changes in the comic, I like to put it down to "part of the metamorphosis process" but he won't be changing again in a hurry. However I might make some slight improvements here and there.

Tony will show up throughout the story. He has a very important role to play. Originally he was to be with Peb the majority of the time, but I may have him only show up every so often due to the fear of him getting annoying. But that might change and I might give him a chapter long role along side Peb later on.

I hope you all can continue reading my comic and continue enjoying it more and more with each instalment. Thanks again for the feedback!

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