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Freaky Psychonauts Role Play... WITH SQUIRRELS!

Well, another role play. This one is where Psychonauts characters go and do... Stuff. Halloween role play actually. So choose a costume, a character and a group to peruse the area with, and you're set! I'm going with Sasha by the way... And no made-ups allowed. We're keeping this strictly... I dunno. Old school? Nah, that makes them all sound so old. Never mind me folks...

Sasha grinned as he climbed out of his laboratory and floated over to the whispering rocket transport system. He ordered the cart to the main campgrounds, where everyone was gathering, ready to go off in the bus for the annual Halloween-get-together that occurred after camp, and only included people who WANTED to come. Sasha's costume was a strange one, and it appeared he had watched too many movies with vampires in them, as he had taken the liberty of making huge leathery black wings and a long, sweeping red cloak. He had plastic fangs, and was levitating about thirty centimeters about the ground to make it look realistic. He still had his sunglasses on however, and that was what made him stick out like a sore thumb. He arrived at the main campgrounds to find that several people had already assembled...

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