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Sasha stared blankly at Milka.
"Science kept me from studying the forms. Milla read them all and them told me all about them on our mission to Timbuktoo. Anyway Miss Phage, would you care to come down to my lab for the party after this? Milla revanped it specially for this... I've been trying to avoid my lab ever since. I detest the colour scheme she chose. Orange I can stand, but pink?" Sasha glanced around, and noticed there was no-one there.
"Though personally, I think I should have made her have it at the lake... Imagine Raz's terror!" Sasha sadistically giggled at this remark, and adjusted his sunglasses.

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With that, pyrohappygirl becomes about 100 times better than Darth_Ave, who is about 100 times better than Shakespeare. So you're like 100,000 times better than Shakespeare, but only a mere 100 times better than me.

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