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Originally Posted by MachineCult
Spartans suck, Commandos kick ass.
"Master Chief" is the dumbest name ever, he looks really stupid, he hardly talks and when he does he's spouting bulls**t.
He is the last of the Spartans, all of whom were killed in very similar circumstances to the battles in Halo, except in Halo he is on his own, so it's completely ridiculous to think that he would survive.

Republic Commandos firstly have cool names, great equipment, actual army designations and they talk to each other like they are in the military unlike Master Chief.
There are four of them, clearly with training, which makes it alot easier to believe their surviving the missions, and they answer to actual military authority unlike Master Chief who answers to some holographic woman like Andromeda which also sucks.

So Commandos and Spartans can't really be compared, they're too different, Spartans are stupidly unrealistic in their design and the way they are implemented, Commandos are realistic in the way they fight and the way they interact with eachother and enemy and friendly PCs.
Commandos rule, Spartans suck.
Haha, you're real funny.
Try telling that to an actual Master Chief. Why? Because, unlike those little numeric designations, Master Chief is an actual rank. A numeric designation, in the context used by RC, is an ID. Don't believe me? A Master Chief is an officer in a Navy. (Edit: To be specific, in the US Navy, it is the highest rank an enlisted person can recieve, and is a non-commissioned officer, or NCO. If you want the NUMERIC MILITARY RANK DESIGNATION, it is E-9.)

Master Chief also does not answer to Cortana. Cortana is simply the go-between.

As a note: I love Halo, I love RC, but for God's sake, get some actual knowledge before posting something as clearly opinionated as that. You mentioned something about off-topic? They're comparing technical specifications and tactical knowledge, not "how cool the names are" or "how awesome he looks". Imbecile.

Also, to add something to the actual conversation at hand:

"The suit can recycle air for ninety minutes. It's shielded against radiation and EMP as well." [Fall of Reach, 120]. This references the original MJOLNIR suits used by the Spartans. Just thought that, since it was stated earlier that the EC Grenades function by EMP, that ought to cause a rethinking.

Anyways, Katarn armor may be nice, but think about this: it is a) mass-produced, and therefore not the top-notch incredible equipment you might think it is and b) designed to be effective against blasters, which are the predominant weapons of the time. Slugthrowers, crossbows, and other personal projectile weapons are very rare (comparatively) in the Star Wars universe, and so, the Katarn armor and shielding would be geared towards energy weapons, and not much concern wasted upon kinetic-based weaponry.

Also, going by the technical specifications given in the books (if I may), if a CC tried to run from any Spartan, they wouldn't get too far. They run in bursts of up to 55 km/h without their armor. Obviously, this isn't represented in game, possibly because it would be too difficult to control as a player.

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