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"I know, my dad made me wear this costume. Stupid dad, he thinks he knows everything," Raz sighed, staring out the window of the bus. Cruller had snuck on earlier, dressed as an aging punk rocker. Sasha had gotten irritated by him, so he shoved him off the bus at the first corner, forcing him to walk to town. Milla had gotten the hitmen to leave, much to Maloof's dismay, as he had payed them millions to continually kill Bobby. The bus reached the small town within several minutes, and everyone hopped off.
"Now children, I want you to all go in groups of four, and I want you to stick together," Milla hummed, before all the children ran off to terrorise the locals...

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With that, pyrohappygirl becomes about 100 times better than Darth_Ave, who is about 100 times better than Shakespeare. So you're like 100,000 times better than Shakespeare, but only a mere 100 times better than me.

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