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Milka and Elton walked up to a door. A creepy old lady popped out "Ohh, what adorable little children. Here's a nice treat for you." She put a jelly bean into their bags. "Bye now!" she yelled.

"Moocher." Milka said, Elton shaking his head in aggrement.

They went on the rest of the night, pretty much covering the whole neighborhood. When the buses reloaded, everyone dished out their candy and began munching. Bobby somehow survived the guns, but died because he ate a poisoned snickers.

When they got back to camp, they prepaired for the huge after halloween jamboree. All they really did was put up a disco ball, and kick Quentin out of the DJ booth. All anyone was waiting for was the big costume contest, where the winner would lead the expedition to Thorney Towers island.
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