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Raz giggled nervously as he and Lili snuck away from the dance. He had had a beer earlier when he and Lili had psychicly murdered a drunk. Raz was now drunk, and Lili was on a sugar high. They tiptoed away from the dance down to the lake, and Raz brought out his lungfish caller.
"Kazoo!!!" He played the item, and Linda walked out of the lake dressed as Batgirl.
"Linda... You look lovely?!?!" Raz giggled drunkenly.
"Oh thank you powerful human child, Sam said it complimented my face," She hummed.
"Shut up, hideous hulking lungfish. Just take us to the asylum, okay?" Lili sighed, before they both got promptly swallowed and dragged to the asylum...
(Now is the time Mashi!!!)

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With that, pyrohappygirl becomes about 100 times better than Darth_Ave, who is about 100 times better than Shakespeare. So you're like 100,000 times better than Shakespeare, but only a mere 100 times better than me.

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