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Edgar sniffed as he walked out of a small patch of rubble that served as the inmate's changing rooms. Gloria had made him dress as a flower girl for halloween, and he didn't like it.

The drunken Raz was flung out onto the shores of the lake with Lili, who's sugar high had remained persistant. He shook himself out, and swung up the asylum cliff. As he reached the top, he saw the inmates had been living their for the past several months. He staggered up to the very floral Edgar, and cheered,
"Nice hat," Before fainting from alchohol consumption. Lili skipped up the cliff somehow, and began to Irish dance next to him, singing shakira badly.
"Hello Edgar and Gloria and everybody!" She yelled, before looking back down the cliff.
"And Fred!!!" She continued, before starting to randomly cry...

Sasha looked up. He had a feeling that Raz and Lili had gone off to the asylum without anyone to supervise them. He knew they would discover his test subjects. He shuddered, before hitching a ride on the whispering rocket system and then levitating over the lake. But he was too late. Lili had brought out her poker cards and they were playing the game. Well, her and the unconscious Raz at least. She was still awaitning Edgar's coming as well as the other inmates.

A frankenstein Crispin staggered out from the ruins, smiling slightly. It was that time of year again. It was halloween. It was his time of year. He strode over to the gathering crowd, and started chuckling. He was enjoying watching a blurry Fred walk around far below him. It made him feel special.

Boyd grinned insanely as he finished his theory of how they would get a taxi from the island. He was dressed like a g-man, and he was happy about it. He didn't need to reminisce that time, but it was fun looking back at his insanity. He strode up to the crowd, saying,
"Shall we get a boat, and then split a cab?"

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