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I know Boyds already shown up, but I'll attempt a little Boyd for this.

Facinated by the glow sticks, Boyd walked over to examine...

Staring at his rainbow glowstick, sudden words lept into Boyds' mind...

"Shall we split a..."

"NO!!!!" Screamed everybody, who at that time were intent on enjoying their kool-aid-crack and listening to teckno.

Crispen... who had his mouth filled with glow sticks was stubling around loseing his footing, when all the sudden he tripped over a very drunk Raz. Suprized by this, Crispen spit out his glow sticks in the air, which landed into Glorias hair and gave her quite the surprize.
Gloria... in a fit to get the glow sticks out of her hair ran over poor Raz... tripped and smacked into suger-high-Lili... who in suprize, sent a psi blast into the air.

As the intoxicated psychadets and psychonauts (and psychos) stared in the air at the red/purple flame, Boyd thought to himself

"Should I have dressed as a Cab Driver?" "I could split my own cab!"

The blast started to de-send directly below Boyd, and all of the others ran away from the dangerous blast.

In frustration of coming up with a better idea for a costume, Boyd trusted his hands into his pockects, and to his suprized found a bottle of "Milk" that he used to try to destroy the asylem with.

"I dont need this anymore!"
"I am not the Milkman"
"My milk has expired"

And in one smooth motion, Boyd Threw the bomb in the air, straight at the psi blast coming at him....

Most of the campers woke up an hour later to find everyone scattered around in the dark of the asylem.

"What time is it?" said Elton...

"Its only been an hour...? Its 2 at night...?" said Lili

"Whos that over there?" said Milka

"Its Boyd!!!!" exclaimed everyone.

The smoke covered Boyd layed under a rubble of dirt and glowsticks.

Everybody looked at Boyd with astonishment, and in the distance the voice of Raz called out "Hey, HEY? wh... why... haff the music sto.. st... stopped" and then fainted once again, as the body of Boyd started moveing, and alll the sudden up came Boyd out of the rubble, eyes wide open, and said to his delight....

"I got it! Well ride a bus!"

Crispen picked up the radio and turned it back on and everybody started dancing again.

Everything was back to normal and people were haveing a real good time, but Raz was very confuzed why he had so many footmarks on him.
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